Episode 001: Creating and Maintaining Secure Websites

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Guest: Shawn Hooper
What he does: CTO of Actionable Books; WordPress expert; Camp Tech instructor
Ponderance: In most cases, hackers are going after these websites because they can.
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On today’s show, I speak with Shawn Hooper, the CTO of Actionable Books, a startup in the learning and development space. Shawn is also a Camp Tech instructor. He fills us in on the current state of website security, as well as ways to prevent hacks and remedy your website once it has been compromised.

Click to tweet: "...When you create that password, don’t stick it on a Post-It on your monitor" - Shawn Hooper

Hacking has become a widely publicized problem and is on the minds of most sites that operate businesses on the web; website security is an important facet of this. However, it is often overlooked or neglected simply out of ignorance. Whether you are hosting your own site, your site is hosted by an inexpensive service, or you’re working with Wordpress, there are always things you can do to beef up your security. Shawn soothes our fears and outlines extremely simple ways to not only avoid a hack, but also how to make sure that your website stays up and running in perpetuity.

Shawn works from Camp Tech’s Ottawa location. To learn more about WordPress and the other things he is involved with, check out our Camp Tech website. Shawn blogs about web technology and WordPress at

Episode Highlights:

  • Why security matters
  • Wordpress’ unfortunate reputation and the benefits of hosting on that site
  • Why would someone hack your site?
  • Steps to preventing hacks
  • How to recognize a hack
  • What ransomware is and why it’s a growing concern
  • How to fix a site once it has been compromised

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