Episode 003: Producing Online Courses

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Guest: Marie Poulin
What she does: web designer, digital strategist, co-founder of Oki Doki
Ponderance: The importance of beta testing or pilot testing your program
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On today’s episode we discuss the production of online courses with Marie Poulin. Marie is a former designer who became a digital strategist and co-founded the course-building site, Oki Doki. As an experienced guide, Marie walks us through the stages of online course production.

"Progress is addictive" - Marie Poulin

In discussing the production of online courses, we cover all the important steps one must take to be a successful instructor. Marie drives home the importance of market research (i.e. is your course topic in demand) and also the steps to building a product that fully engages your customers. Marie and Avery also discuss the pros and cons of hosting with user-friendly, customizable sites or going it alone. After this episode, listeners will be ready to set forth and create interactive, in-demand, and unique courses with confidence.

Episode Highlights:

  • Check your motives: Are they altruistic or simply about the money?
  • How to build a product customers need
  • Market research steps
  • Focusing on your strengths as an instructor (are you best with audio, video, or written content?)
  • Levels of course interactivity
  • Where to build and host your course
  • Beta testing
  • Promoting your course

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