Episode 002: Fashion Technology

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Guest: Amanda Cosco
What she does: journalist, speaker, and enthusiast of all things fashion tech
Ponderance: How can technology help us be more human?
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Fashion is becoming smart and technology is becoming fashionable. A quick review of runways, museum exhibits, and even celebrity performances shows that fashion/tech collaborations are very now. Our guest Amanda Cosco is an expert on the future of fashion tech. During today’s episode we discuss how the future goes far beyond the tech hiding wearables we know to include textiles that will revolutionize how we interact with the world.

Fashion and design is so much more than having something look pretty" - Amanda Cosco

Amanda Cosco is a journalist, speaker, and enthusiast of all things fashion tech. She’s spoken on topics such as wearables for women and next gen retail at a variety of industry events. Amanda founded Electric Runway as a base for her love of fashion technology. She describes her topic of choice as “the intersection of fashion and technology.”

Episode Highlights:

  • How will technology be integrated into our everyday clothing?
  • The exciting future of techie textiles.
  • Examples of collaborations between fashion designers and engineers.
  • Amanda’s thoughts about the progression from runway to closet.
  • How is the Maker Movement inspiring design for consumers?
  • What one fashion tech item does Amanda covet?

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