Episode 017: Digital Tools for Small Business Owners

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Today Avery talks about the digital tools Camp Tech uses to keep their business running. She dives into some of the “tiny but totally necessary” tools they use on a day-to-day basis at Camp Tech. If you’re a small business owner, tune in today to hear what they use these different tools for, how much they may cost for your business, and how you can begin incorporating them. See the “Resources” below for a comprehensive list, with links to each product.

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Episode Highlights:

  • Communication Tools between teams
  • Communication between you and your customers
  • Telephone Systems
  • Email correspondence
  • Admin Finance Tools
  • Marketing Tools
  • Social Media Tools
  • Productivity Tools


Key Takeaways:

[1:40] Avery’s take on tools: follow a general principle of using what was most appropriate for them at the time. A small business could very easily grow with a tool or outgrow a certain tool. This evolution is okay!

[2:10] Avery talks about different communication tools, and how they use each at Camp Tech. These make it easy for the management team to discuss a wide range of things, despite being in different working locations.

[4:42] Avery talks about the programs they use to conduct customer service and communicate with their client base.

[6:22] How do they talk to their team around the country? Avery covers everything from how they video chat to conference calls.

[7:30] Avery shares how they run the telephone system at Camp Tech; not only the business tools they use, but their process as well.

[9:41] Avery talks about how they handle email correspondence, specifically between Camp Tech and their customers, rather than between the Camp Tech team.

[10:39] Avery talks about the different website tools they use. Since they also have to sell tickets to their workshops as part of their business, she goes into more detail about Shopify and its supporting apps.

[13:06] Avery talks about the tool they use to track their monthly expenses at Camp Tech, and the small challenges that they’ve had to overcome with this program (and how!).

[17:40] What marketing tools do they use at Camp Tech? The programs they use are primarily used for day-to-day business and well as sending out newsletters.

[19:41] Avery talks about how they use social media at Camp Tech, and some of the programs they use to organize their social media marketing.

[21:06] What tools do they use day-to-day to keep them going? The tools they use allow for to-do lists, as well as measuring productivity by tracking time.


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