Episode 004: Self-Publishing and Crowdfunding a Book With Kickstarter

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Guest: Jeff Goldenberg
What he does: Startup vet and Growth Marketer; Head of Growth and Development, Borrowell
Ponderance: The advantages of self-publishing over traditional publishing; exactly how do you succeed at Kickstarter?
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On today's episode, I discuss the steps to producing a successful Kickstarter campaign, as well as methods for self-publishing. My guest is Jeff Goldenberg, a startup vet and growth marketer, who co-authored the book The Growth Hacker's Guide to the Galaxy.

Click to tweet: “Products that demonstrate well tend to do the best.” - Jeff Goldenberg on running a successful Kickstarter campaign

Jeff is currently the head of growth and development at Borrowell, an online marketplace for personal loans. His experience co-authoring and self-publishing his book is sure to prove him a useful resource for listeners looking for further insight into becoming self-starters. Listen in as he breaks down exactly what made his Kickstarter campaign and ensuing product such successes.

Episode Highlights:

  • Reasons for self-publishing
  • Figuring out how to successfully self-publish
  • Making connections
  • Kickstarter and the pressure to perform
  • Why Kickstarter vs. other fundraising platforms
  • Steps to launching a Kickstarter Campaign
  • The need for a back-up plan

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