Episode 005: Smartphone Photography

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Guest: Vivienne McMaster
What she does: professional photographer and creator of the Be Your Own Beloved workshop series
Ponderance: Can the camera in your pocket (i.e. your smartphone) be as powerful as a professional camera? 
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On today’s episode, I sit down with photographer Vivienne McMaster and discuss ways to take awesome photos with nothing other than your camera phone. Obviously, camera phones have greatly improved since their advent, but there are still ways to improve upon composition and style. 

Click to tweet: “Shoot from different angles. There’s not a perfect way to shoot. Experiment, be curious." -Vivienne McMaster

Vivienne is a professional photographer and Camp Tech Vancouver instructor. She also teaches a popular workshop series called “Be Your Own Beloved” which helps people learn to embrace their own self-image via photography. During this episode, she outlines great tools and tips for improving your skill as an amateur photographer. This is a great listen for tourists, shutterbugs, and Instagrammers alike.

Episode Highlights:

  • How cameras on cell phones have improved
  • Tips for shooting with any camera phone
  • Lens attachments for smartphones
  • Useful photo apps for smartphones
  • Storage and backup options
  • Favorite places to share photos online

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