Episode 007: Domain Name Registration, Website Hosting and Email

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Guest: Linn Øyen Farley
What she does: web designer and developer
Ponderance: How to get a better grasp on the technical side of your website and email’s setup
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On today’s episode, I get a chance to speak with Camp Tech’s very first instructor, Linn Øyen Farley. Linn is here to explain the basics about domain name registration, e-mail, and website hosting.

Click to tweet: “Make your domain something that will be easy to say” - Linn Øyen Farley on picking a domain name for your website

Linn runs a web studio where she designs and develops websites. As such, we have collaborated on a number of projects together. Her insight into the basics of creating a web presence will prove useful to those seeking to promote personal projects or professional services alike. Listen in as we chat about some need-to-know topics!

Episode Highlights:

  • Basic needs in terms of web presence
  • Domain names
  • Pointing
  • Differentiating between domain name extensions (.com’s, .org’s, etc.)
  • The cost of domain name registration
  • Avoiding lengthy hosting contracts
  • Website hosting and what it means
  • Which type of hosting service/package to use
  • Shared vs. Managed hosting
  • E-mail hosting explained
  • Hosting bundles

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