Episode 009: Social Media Tips

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Guest: Dani Gagnon
What she does: social media expert
Ponderance: Is change the only thing that stays the same with social media?
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Today, I get a chance to speak with Dani Gagnon about social media platforms and how businesses and organizations can use them to their advantage.

Click to tweet: “Look at Social Media as a social tool, not a marketing tool.” - Dani Gagnon

Besides being one of the earliest hires at Camp Tech, Dani also runs Dani G. Inc, which specializes in social media management. For the last seven years, her company has helped to create and maintain the social media accounts for numerous for-profit and non-profit businesses. Listen in as Dani lets us know how to use social media and effectively grow your following.

Episode Highlights:

  • Most popular forms of social media
  • Demographics of social media platforms
  • Facebook’s evolution and current popularity
  • Users’ resistance to change
  • How platforms’ algorithms work
  • How businesses can get started on social media
  • Best advice for creating content for your business
  • Using HootSuite to manage profiles and tweets

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