Episode 010: Writing Killer Web Content

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Guest: Spencer Callaghan
What he does: writer and digital content strategist
Ponderance: How do you craft compelling web copy that will attract your target market, and also appease search engines?
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On today’s episode I get a chance to speak with Spencer Callaghan, a writer and digital content strategist. He lets me know what makes killer web content and how others can create exciting material for their organization’s websites and digital presence.

Click to tweet: “For content there’s three things you want to try to do: educate, entertain, or engage.” - Spencer Callaghan

Spencer Callaghan is an Account Director for Thornley Fallis, an integrated communications agency which helps their clients with PR, web content, and social media management. Having worked on accounts for an array of for and non-profit organizations, Spencer has some great insights to offer in terms of creating and maintaining awesome web content.

Episode Highlights:

  • Writing for the web
  • Appealing to both humans and SEO
  • Measuring the appeal of your content
  • Whether to outsource or self-produce content
  • Niche marketing
  • Web content mistakes
  • Crafting your message
  • Who creates great content

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