Episode 011: Using LinkedIn Like a Pro

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Guest: Leslie Hughes
What she does: LinkedIn expert and trainer
Ponderance: How do you use LinkedIn to connect with people even if you're not job hunting?
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On today’s episode, I get to chat with Leslie Hughes, LinkedIn aficionado, about the best ways to use the networking site. LinkedIn is a great way to market yourself and expand your professional circle. Leslie explains ways to boost your visibility and amp up your profile.

“Your LinkedIn is a resume with a personality.” - Leslie Hughes

Leslie Hughes is not only a LinkedIn expert and instructor at Camp Tech, she is also a Principal at Punch! Media, where she works as a strategist. As if this weren’t enough, she is also a part-time Professor of Social Media. Join us as Leslie explains this often-misunderstood professional networking site.

Episode Highlights:

  • The three key areas of your LinkedIn profile on which to focus
  • Considering your “searchability” on LinkedIn
  • Taking advantage of the free month of premium services
  • Building professional relationships
  • The etiquette of “connecting” with other people on LinkedIn
  • The fear of others poaching staff members and connections
  • Using the blog feature in LinkedIn
  • The best qualities of LinkedIn

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