Episode 013: Website Accessibility

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Guest: Linn Øyen Farley
What she does: web designer and developer
Ponderance: How do we make the web an accessible and inclusive experience for everyone?
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On today's episode, my guest and I discuss the often overlooked issue of website accessibility. Returning guest Linn Oyen Farley is a Web Developer and Designer, who is not only a fellow Camp Tech instructor, but also someone with whom I’ve created websites.

Click to tweet: “Making your website more accessible also makes it more understandable to Google.” - Linn Øyen Farley

Accessibility is an issue that can be overlooked when developing websites. Linn and I explain what web accessibility is, the technology that increases accessibility, and where that technology is headed in the future. If you are developing a website, it is always important to consider how different types of people will be able to access your content. Listen in as we explain accessibility and some strategies for making the web open to all.

Episode Highlights:

  • What does “Accessibility” mean in terms of the web?
  • Barriers to accessing online content
  • Technology that enables accessibility
  • The parties responsible for making the web more accessible
  • Legislation of accessibility
  • Ways to detect potential accessibility issues on your website
  • Screen Reader tips
  • Design considerations for accessibility
  • Accessibility plugins
  • Questions to ask during website development

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