Episode 019: How To Up Your Google Ranking

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Guests: Brock Murray
What he does: Brock works as a digital marketing specialist, and the co-founder of seoplus+, focusing on generating sales and leads for small and medium businesses. Additionally, he works as an instructor for Camp Tech
Ponderance: How can small, local business improve their rankings on a Google search?
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In this episode, Brock and Avery discuss several different ways small business owners can work to improve their rankings on search engine websites. They cover everything from polishing your website, getting reviews, connecting with local businesses, and optimizing your social media presence. Tune in today!

"If there’s anywhere to invest, the website is where to start. It’s the basis of your digital presence." - Brock Murray

Episode Highlights:

    • Process for approaching local SEO
    • Building good content for your website
    • Get linked locally - Google My Business
    • The power of Google reviews
    • Encouraging customers to leave reviews
    • Local directories
    • Managing your social profile
    • Getting connected with other local businesses


    Key Takeaways:

    [2:16] Responding to a piece of listener mail: What is the most cost efficient way to improve your ranking on a Google search, if you have a specialized, local-area business?

    [3:11] Brock follows an approach for local SEO: invest in your website to make it optimized correctly and mobile-friendly, focus on the content of your website, get links from other websites, and get connected with Google My Business.

    [7:51] An important piece for the local aspect is Google My Business. This profile is linked to your business’s physical location, and once your profile is verified, you have the opportunity to show up in local business searches.

    [10:27] For local SEO, getting good reviews on major sites is critical. You will drive more business when people see that you’re getting good reviews. As a business owner, a very simple way is ask your customers to leave a review, and guide them to where they can leave them.

    [14:30] Another big part of local SEO is being in local directories — websites that list local business, like Yelp or FourSquare, will complement your SEO strategy and help your business rank better as well.

    [17:07] Avery and Brock talk about the importance of your social strategy, and how it, too, can complement your SEO strategy. Being intentional about which social network you want to target is important for driving your business. Getting connected with other local businesses on social media can also enhance your SEO growth.

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