Episode 022: Hot and Fast Tips for Email Marketing

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Email marketing gets a little bit of a bad rap — people tend to forget about it because it’s old. There’s a lot of data out there that shows that it consistently works for many businesses and different types of organizations, including business-to-consumer and business-to-business. In this episode, Avery talks about some of her favourite aspects of and quick tips for email marketing, and what benefits this form of digital marketing can have for businesses. Email is one of the only forms of digital marketing that goes direct to the target audience, and is very affordable compared to other digital marketing channels. Listen today to hear all about email marketing!

Click to tweet: “The more targeted you make your email campaigns, the more likely they are to convert.” - Avery Swartz

Episode Highlights:

  • Different Ways to Get Email Addresses
  • Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Mobile-First Thinking
  • Design Tips for Mobile-First
  • Targeted Campaigns/Segmented Email Lists
  • Reporting Tools
  • A/B Testing


Key Takeaways:

[5:37] Following the introduction about some of the positive aspects of email marketing, Avery shared her quick tips for listeners. The first tip is to think about all the ways you can capture email addresses — getting a lot of email addresses is a really powerful way to market to a large number of people. Think beyond the signup form on your website; give your customers information about what they will get if they sign up for your email newsletter.

[7:53] To get other people who aren’t on your website interested, you may consider running a social media contest. In addition to this, Avery’s number one favorite way to get email addresses is to think of different ways you could potentially get that information from someone in person. You can set up a tablet with your email subscription sign up at a convenient place for your customers.

[11:53] When preparing to do your email marketing campaign, think about it as if someone is opening it on their smartphone first. Some hot and fast design tips for mobile: 1) Make sure you’re using an email program that can handle a different mobile design than the desktop or laptop email design.

[15:09] 2) Do more than just send out one marketing message to your entire marketing list. The best way to do targeted campaigns is to segment your email list. Get creative in the ways you could segment your list to reach more of your customers on a personal level.

[20:26] The final tip for today is: 3) If you are using an email marketing solution, many of them have reporting tools that are built in. You can look at these reports to see how different email campaigns performed. Look at things that could inform your next email campaign — where were the links clicked in the email? What was the best time and day of the week to send emails?

[23:00] If your email marketing solution allows you to do some AB testing before you send out a giant campaign, take advantage! You could test things like different subject lines, times and days of the week, or the content inside the message. You need to think about how all of the different parts of digital marketing play together, so you have a cohesive strategy for your business.

[24:42] VPN: Virtual Private Network. A VPN makes sure that whatever you’re doing online is encrypted. Whenever you’re on an open wifi source, you definitely need to turn on a VPN. They should work on any number of devices.

[26:52] Anti-virus software is generally not very effective — it’s not fast enough to keep up, and it can give you a false sense of security. Avery doesn’t recommend running anti-virus software, but rather encourages best practices of digital security on a routine basis. This includes blocking advertisements from your web browser.

[29:43] Avery talks about security of email — they are about as secure as sending a postcard in the mail. Be very careful about the amount and type of information you are sending or attaching into an email. Good alternatives to email: fax machine, cloud-computing solutions, or a unique sharing tool: One Time Secret.


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