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Tune in to the Camp Tech podcast to hear tech industry professionals give expert insight into the digital opportunities available to business owners today. You will learn practical tips and discover how to make the web work for you - no previous technical knowledge required.

Episode 023: HTTPS and SSL Certification

In today’s episode, Shawn joins Avery to talk about issues of HTTPS and SSL Certification. During this discussion, Shawn explains some of the technicalities of these things, and puts them in a practical framework that listeners can apply to their own websites.

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Episode 022: Hot and Fast Tips for Email Marketing

Email marketing gets a little bit of a bad rap — people tend to forget about it because it’s old. There’s a lot of data out there that shows that it consistently works for many businesses and different types of organizations, including business-to-consumer and business-to-business. In this episode, Avery talks about some of her favourite aspects of and quick tips for email marketing, and what benefits this form of digital marketing can have for businesses.

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Episode 021: Best Practices for Digital Security

With no guest joining Avery on this episode, she takes the time to talk about a very important subject — digital security. In today’s show, she shares practical advice that anyone can use in a more convenience-based lifestyle. She covers everything from things to watch out for, to how differences devices might be affected, as well as sharing some tips and resources to improve your digital security practices.

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Episode 020: What’s Happening on the Cutting Edge of Social Media

In this episode, Avery and Dani talk about what sort of developments are happening today on various social media platforms, and how small businesses might use some of these developments in their business.

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Episode 019: How To Up Your Google Ranking

In this episode, Brock and Avery discuss several different ways small business owners can work to improve their rankings on search engine websites. They cover everything from polishing your website, getting reviews, connecting with local businesses, and optimizing your social media presence.

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Episode 018: All About Web Apps

On today’s episode, Avery meets with Jordan and Trudy of Up At Five, a digital studio focused on data-driven web applications. They cover everything from what it means to build one, what it might cost, and what kinds of considerations one should have as they plan to develop and produce a web application.

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Episode 017: Digital Tools for Small Business Owners

Today Avery talks about the digital tools Camp Tech uses to keep their business running. She dives into some of the “tiny but totally necessary” tools they use on a day-to-day basis at Camp Tech. If you’re a small business owner, tune in today to hear what they use these different tools for, how much they may cost for your business, and how you can begin incorporating them. See the “Resources” below for a comprehensive list, with links to each product.

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Episode 016: Solutions for Long Term Data Storage

In this episode, Avery takes questions from Camp Tech listeners. Today’s episode focuses on long-term data storage, specifically for personal data files. She discusses the different options for data storage, considers monetary value, as well as tips to help keep your files protected in storage.

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Episode 015: Custom Domain Names Tips and Tricks

I decided to switch things up this episode and forgo having a guest. Instead, I briefly discuss how to set up a vanity e-mail and how to create branded short domains. These are great things to know about for both personal and professional reasons. Once you know how to set these up, you can also help friends and relatives do the same; it’s that easy!

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Episode 014: Digital Marketing for Small Business

On today’s episode, fellow Camp Tech colleague Tara Wilkins and I discuss digital marketing for small businesses. Since small businesses are often operating on a shoestring marketing budget, Tara talks about techniques and strategies to increase brand awareness without breaking the bank. We also get into ways the success of a marketing campaign can be measured.

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