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Tune in to the Camp Tech podcast to hear tech industry professionals give expert insight into the digital opportunities available to business owners today. You will learn practical tips and discover how to make the web work for you - no previous technical knowledge required.

Episode 003: Producing Online Courses

Marie Poulin is a former designer who became a digital strategist and co-founded the course-building site, Oki Doki. As an experienced guide, Marie walks us through the stages of online course production. After this episode, listeners will be ready to set forth and create interactive, in-demand, and unique courses with confidence.

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Episode 002: Fashion Technology

Fashion is becoming smart and technology is becoming fashionable. A quick review of runways, museum exhibits, and even celebrity performances shows that fashion/tech collaborations are very now. Our guest Amanda Cosco is an expert on the future of fashion tech.

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Episode 001: Creating and Maintaining Secure Websites

On today’s show, I speak with Shawn Hooper, the CTO of Actionable Books, a startup in the learning and development space. Shawn is also a Camp Tech instructor. He fills us in on the current state of website security, as well as ways to prevent hacks and remedy your website once it has been compromised.

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