About Camp Tech

Camp Tech: Hands-on digital marketing training for small businesses, non-profits, and those curious to learn more about technology

Founded in 2012, Camp Tech offers welcoming, friendly, and informative hands-on workshops for adults who want to learn practical tech skills. Camp Tech’s signature accessible training sessions led by engaging tech experts are attended by thousands of people annually. Our goal is to see learners succeed with technology.

Camp Tech provides on-site and live online private training for organizations and communities including CPA Chartered Professional Accountants Canada, Rakuten Kobo, Canadian Living magazine, Simon Fraser University, YMCA Canada, the City of Toronto, Library of Parliament, Ontario Libraries Association, Tourism Richmond, Simon Fraser University, YMCA Canada, the Province of Ontario, Rogers Communications, RBC, and many more.

Camp Tech contracts leading tech experts to teach workshops in their spare time. Camp Tech Instructors are professionals working in their fields with impressive portfolios of satisfied clients who place an emphasis on providing real-world advice that can be put in place right away.


Camp Tech's Values

At Camp Tech, we measure success by our impact and our fulfillment of our core values, not by our revenue. Our core values are:

  1. Empathy
    We understand that the learning curve with technology can be steep. We empathize with our students, and assist as best we can. We were all beginners once, and don’t forget what it feels like.
  2. Consideration
    We care about the success of our students with regards to the topic they’re learning. If we don’t think someone can be successful with a topic in the format or style we’re delivering, we’ll change the format or we won’t teach it.
  3. Equality
    Knowledge is power. We understand that the distance between knowing and not knowing a technical skill can cause an inequality and a power imbalance. We strive to equalize that balance by sharing our knowledge with whoever wants to learn.
  4. Enjoyment
    We like to have a good time at work. Not every day is perfect, but on the whole we like to have fun and create an enjoyable atmosphere for our staff and for our students. We believe people learn more when they’re enjoying themselves.