Don’t just take our word for it. Check out these cool projects made by our Happy Campers (after taking our workshops).

  • MKT Marketing Website

    by Kelly Duran, Owner of MKT Marketing

    Classes attended: WordPress for Beginners, Intro to Google Analytics, Online Marketing with Google AdWords, Intro to Email Marketing with MailChimp

    "I loved the WordPress for Beginners course at Camp Tech. I had some experience with building sites through Blogger and Wix but could never get the sites to look or function the way I wanted them to. That all changed with this course. I have now used what I've learned to revamp not only my own business website and personal blog but have also launched a new site for a client. The instructor provided clear and simple instructions and she also provided so many little insider tips - like great stock photo sites and helpful Chrome extensions - that augmented my learning to another degree. This might have been my first but will definitely not be my last Camp Tech class."

  • Alphabeatic Website

    by Peter Nowak, Journalist and Author

    Classes attended: WordPress for Beginners, The Business of Blogging

    "I bought a WordPress for Dummies book and was almost immediately put off by how complicated everything sounded - clearly I was dumber than a dummy! I then took the WordPress for Beginners class and was very impressed by how Camp Tech instructors were able to explain things in such a clear and easy-to-understand manner. The class gave me the confidence to jump right in and I had my site up and running in no time."

  • Big Apple Curry Website

    by Myna Kota, Co-Founder

    Classes attended: WordPress Customization, SEO: How to Drive More Traffic To Your Website, Google Analytics, The Business of Blogging

    "When we started Big Apple Curry, our knowledge of SEO was limited to using keywords based on Google Trends research. When I attended Camp Tech’s SEO workshop, the experience was a huge eye-opener because I learned about the importance of controlling how our blog content appears in search engine results. Moreover, that it could be done with a simple Wordpress plugin. This workshop provided more than just SEO tactics - the knowledge I gained has helped me understand how to better optimize online content in general, which has been useful for customizing blog posts for social media sharing. I highly recommend this workshop!"

  • The Sweet Escape Website

    by Melissa DiRenzo, Designer and Blogger

    Classes attended: WordPress for Beginners

    "Wordpress for beginners was exactly what I needed. I was using Blogger and decided to switch to Wordpress. I tried to transition on my own and while I made some progress it was frustrating and time consuming. Taking Camp Tech's class made everything clear and all my questions were answered in one day. After I was able to easily transition my blog without losing any info and easily customize the templates to make it my own."

  • This Space Works Website

    by Lise Snelgrove, Entrepreneur

    Classes attended: WordPress for Beginners

    "Before I attended Camp Tech, I had no idea how to build a website.  I thought it might be a long day learning finicky code but I had a great time and felt very creative.  Their teaching style is fun and engaging.  By linking concepts to everyday life they made it easy to understand and remember.  Camp Tech gave me the skills and knowledge I needed to build a WordPress website that fit my brand."

  • Born to Reign Athletics Website

    by Krista Henderson, Blogger and Entrepreneur

    Classes Attended: WordPress for Beginners, private WordPress training, Email Marketing for Beginners, Photoshop for Beginners, The Business of Blogging, Writing Killer Web Content

    "I needed to easily learn how to build a website for my new brand, so WordPress for Beginners was where it all started for me. I learned the fundamentals for setting everything up - creating your top navigation, setting background colours and images, changing font styles, adding new pages, posts, plugins and more. Plus there was the operational aspect, recommendations on where to host, how to back up your site, what to look for when choosing a theme. As I progressed with my website, I wanted to learn more and be empowered to do more, so additional courses such as Photoshop and Email Marketing helped me further enhance my online customer experience. That’s the best part of Camp Tech classes - you receive knowledgable and practical information in a hands-on environment, so you come away feeling confident in your skills to create your own website. Avery Swartz and her team of instructors are experts in their field and I truly appreciated the value and information they shared in a fun, welcoming and interactive environment."

  • TO Grooming Show

    by Hoann Ignacio, Small Business Owner and Event Producer

    Classes Attended: WordPress for Beginners, Photoshop for Beginners

    "Thank you Camp Tech for so many things! In my current project (an event), I have applied the WordPress skills to make a website for info & ticket purchasing, applied Photoshop skills for all of the marketing material; Camp Tech instructor Dani Gagnon is speaking at the event, and your marketing manager Tara Wilkins has helped me with media tips and is volunteering to help out all day. I can't say thank you enough!"

  • Heidi Taylor Life Coach Website

    by Heidi Taylor, Life Coach and Business Owner

    Classes Attended: WordPress for Beginners

    "The WordPress for Beginners one day class was incredibly comprehensive, instructive, and hands on, which is exactly what I needed. I tried to teach myself WordPress and found that I did not have the time to run my business and dedicate the hours to learning a whole new platform. So having a one day class with instructors right there to teach and guide me was the best decision I could have made. Camp Tech does a brilliant job at providing a big picture view with all of the necessary details in a fun and educational workshop environment. I left the class armed with tools, support, knowledge, and know how to make my own WordPress site and feel comfortable moving forward with it. The last thing I wanted was to be a business owner who needed to hire out for every time I needed help with my WordPress site. It feels so incredible to have conquered this skill and take with me the know how to continue to operate my website. I cannot recommend Camp Tech and The WordPress for Beginners course highly enough."

  • Brown Beauty Beat

    by Tania McBee, Lifestyle Blogger

    Classes Attended: WordPress For Beginners, PhotoShop For Beginners, Business of Blogging, SEO: How to Drive More Traffic To Your Website, Google Analytics

    "Thank you Camp Tech for teaching this dancer that it is more than possible to tackle the technical details of running and maintaining a blog! From Wordpress For Beginners to Photoshop For Beginners, I left each class excited and confident that I could go home and implement all of the knowledge I had learned. Avery and her amazing team at Camp Tech are extremely knowledgeable, helpful and always willing to go above and beyond to help out in any way they can. Camp Tech can teach anyone how to successfully accomplish their technical goals!"

  • Pomegraddict Lifestyle Blog

    by Joanne Brodkin, Lifestyle Blogger

    Classes Attended: WordPress for Beginners, The Business of Blogging, Social Media Basics, HTML and CSS for Beginners, Photoshop for Beginners, Writing Killer Web Content

    "Having discovered award-winning web designer Avery Swartz and her incredible courses at Camp Tech was like finding a hidden treasure. I was thinking about starting a blog, but with no tech skills, didn’t know how I was going to do it. A couple of days later, my prayers were answered! I received a newsletter from the blog, Hip & Urban Girl, about an upcoming “Business of Blogging” course hosted by Camp Tech. My excitement was palpable, and after taking the course I was hooked! I have since taken quite a few other Camp Tech courses such as Wordpress, Social Media Basics, Photoshop & HTML/CSS and am registered for Advanced Social Media, Driving More Traffic to your Site, and Writing Killer Web Content!!! I can’t get enough! The courses are given in a very cool, relaxed space at the Centre for Social Innovation by Avery, who is the Founder of Camp Tech (and totally awesome), and her instructors; each one more fab than the next; all of them mega-inspiring, stimulating and fun! And you even get a loot bag! I feel so fortunate to know Avery and to have found her workshops. She is my genie in a bottle and has made my dream of having a lifestyle blog a reality! I highly recommend that you check out Camp Tech ASAP!!!”