They say, “behind every great organization is someone to keep it well organized”. Well, maybe that’s just us.

  • Avery Swartz

    Founder & CEO

    Avery is the founder and CEO of Camp Tech, and also leads a boutique digital strategy and web studio. Avery regularly appears on national television talking about tech trends, writes articles about tech and small business for The Globe and Mail, and hosts the Camp Tech podcast. Avery acts as a digital advisor to a number of charities (including the Art Canada Institute and Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation), and co-hosts the Gather North retreat for women who make the web.

  • Tara Wilkins

    Director of Sales & Marketing

    Tara oversees sales, marketing and day-to-day operations at Camp Tech. She is passionate about connecting people with learning resources and she believes that learning should be fun, non-intimidating and hands-on, especially when it comes to technology. When Tara is not at Camp Tech, you can find her curating weekly events for The Makers Nation, fostering kitties with The Annex Cat Rescue and delivering workshops for the Toronto Youth Job Corps program at West Neighbourhood House.

  • Shatha Al-Husseini

    City Manager, Toronto

    Shatha is an artist, community organizer, and anxiety-banishing ninja. When she isn't creating, she's coordinating awesome events and curating inspiring spaces. Her work/life revolves around justice-driven innovation, collaborative learning, and lots of food. Shatha is rooted in the belief that our ability to create and be creative is a superpower we all posses – one she is hell-bent on using for wildly transformative purposes. Outside of Camp Tech, she hangs out with Outburst! and plans elaborate food adventures with Rooted.

  • Jessica Hacker

    City Manager, Ottawa

    A former web developer with over a decade of high-tech and non-profit experience, Jessica provides consulting for small business and non-profits. From technology to executive consultancy, Jessica can appreciate from all sides how difficult it can be to stay current with today’s technologies. Born and raised in Ottawa, Jessica has a passion for community and loves bringing people together. An avid volunteer, cyclist and friend, her motto is “live with empathy – it is quite simply the best way to navigate the world and easily the greatest gift we give.”

  • Sarah Lafontaine

    Workshop Facilitator, Vancouver

    Sarah is an independent contractor with specialization in content writing and social media management for the travel industry. After many years as a travel agent, she switched gears to focus on promoting responsible travel through Holidays for Humanity. Sarah currently writes content for and manages social media for all Holidays for Humanity brands including SEEtheWILD, Trek Union and GoVoluntouring. When not working, Sarah can be found searching for her next travel destination or exploring Vancouver’s dog-friendly parks and trails with her dog, Otto.

  • Hema Ramsingh

    Digital Marketing Associate and Workshop Facilitator, Toronto

    Hema is a freelance marketer and Holistic Nutritionist. After many years working in the entertainment world, she took a year off to study nutrition and is passionate about helping individuals find their way to good health by finding the right whole foods to restore balance and enable healing. When not leading nutrition & wellness workshops Hema can be found working with small organizations on their branding, social media and consumer awareness initiatives.

  • Kamaljit Chohan

    Workshop Assistant, Toronto

    Kamaljit is a web developer with a background in advertising and book publishing. She is passionate about exploring the intersection between education, technology and literacy. Outside of Camp Tech, you can find her coaching the next generation of coders at Hatch Canada or buried in a good book.

  • Tanya Paoli

    Workshop Assistant, Toronto

    Tanya is a freelance writer who likes to look at things sideways when she gets creative. After many years in a broadcast creative agency, she is developing her own startup with a focus on Toronto's history, culture, and coffee shops!! She loves working with great people, developing fun, creative projects, learning new skills, and going for coffee. Yeah, a lot of magic happens over coffee.